Making an occupied bed


Step by step process for changing the linens of an occupied bed. It's not always possible or convenient to get the person out of bed.

Steps for Changing an Occupied Bed

  1. Assemble linen.
  2. Roll together a pull sheet, bed pad or disposable paper pad.
  3. Discuss process with recipient before and during process.
  4. Return bed to flat position.
  5. Keeping bedbound person on their side by pulling up on pull sheet, remove all positioning pillows.
  6. Loosen bottom soiled bed linen behind bedbound person’s back.
  7. Roll soiled bed linens toward the center of the bed and tuck under the bedbound person as far as possible under the pull sheet.
  8. Begin placing clean fitted sheet and tuck under the bedbound person without touching the soiled linen.
  9. Place previously rolled together pull sheet and bedpad or disposable paper pad (step 2).
  10. Roll the soiled pull sheet and tuck under the bedbound person.
  11. Allow bedbound person to roll onto their back.
  12. Bedmaker moves to the opposite side of the bed.
  13. Bedmaker removes all soiled bed linens.
  14. Bedmaker finds leading edge of clean linen, unrolls and completes bed making.
  15. Position for comfort.


i am a P.C.A. student from Trinidad and Tobago and this demonstration has proven very useful to me and has made the concept of bed making easier to understand. thank you for taking your time in explaining in detail how an occupied bed is made.